Gamma Pi Rho Lupus Sorority, Inc.

provides our members with a spirit of sisterhood while navigating through and living with this horrific disease known as Lupus. Once you become a member, you are helping to build a solid foundation with other like-minded individuals attempting to reach life, health, advocacy, and educational goals while giving back and educating the Lupus community as well as the world as a whole.  In the attempt to make our goals a reality, we will help you learn the true meaning of sisterhood, how to maneuver  through life’s trials and tribulations, how to be actively involved in your healthcare, and how to become an advocate for Lupus.

Gamma Pi Rho Lupus Sorority, Inc. does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, national origin, religious preferences, sexual orientation and/or disability.  Becoming a member is an inclusive, yet selective, process. We are in search of quality women ages 18 years and older who are prepared to make a change in their life but also make a difference in their professional lives and the community.


Please remember that Gamma Pi Rho Lupus Sorority, Inc. is an independent, non-collegiate, diseased oriented, professional service and social sorority who serves the Lupus community through partnerships, donations, and monetary member contributions while demonstrating sisterhood, advocating consistently, and being the face of Lupus. Our core values,  promotion, and recruitment attribute to membership.  Membership in some organizations may disqualify a potential member.

Requirements to join:

– 18 years of age or older

– Have a Lupus diagnosis

– Possess leadership ability

– Be willing to educate and advocate for the Lupus community

– Possess a community services background or be willing to work in the Lupus community

– Display great character, integrity, and sisterhood that upholds the principles, mission and vision of Gamma Pi Rho Lupus Sorority, Inc.